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​About Us

We have developed anti-poultry red mites products compliant with the positive list system to exterminate red mites (Dermanyssus gallinae)(mites that live by sucking the blood of chickens) that occur abnormally in poultry houses. We contribute to resource recycling through the manufacture and sale of insect traps that are made of biodegradable materials and can be returned to the soil as compost after use, as well as environmental cleaners that use naturally derived ingredients to exterminate red mites.

We also engage in environmentally friendly corporate activities, such as reducing the use of insecticides, thereby reducing the burden on the environment.


Regarding counterfeit products for red mites, "WAKUMOSU" and "WAKUMONAINAI".

We received inquiries about quality complaints from customers who do not have a shipping history with us.

As a result of the investigation, we found that the product is an IMITATION of only the shape, and the method of use, materials, etc.

We already created a sales system to distribute the official "Wakumos" and "Wakumonainai" to poultry farmers, so we ask for your continued support.


March 2024 

Certified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan as a "Project Implementation Plan for Establishing Infrastructure Based on the Green Food System Law.


February 2024

Granted international patent in China for "Nice Hit! "


October 2024

Granted international patent in the EU for "Nice Hit! "

Product List



Poultry feed and water fittings


Four types of galvanized wire, which is the same as the cage, is processed according to the shape of various water and bait troughs, making it easy to clean and extremely durable. Minimize the surface contacting metal fittings, gutter body and cage as much as possible to reduce the hiding place of red mites. Various shapes are available to match the shape of the gutter. We also accept special orders to match the gutter.



Livestock barn environment cleaner

WAKUMOSU is an eco-friendly anti-mites product for producing safe and secure eggs, but it was intended to suppress the increase of red mites, not to drastically reduce them.
The newly developed product to significantly reduce the red mites that have increased there is "NICE HIT!".
When used in combination with WAKUMOSU, it is more effective as a countermeasure against red mites.



Red mites insect trap


In the poultry industry around the world, including Japan, there is the abnormal breeding of the blood-sucking mites "Red mites", which is more of a problem than bird flu.

However, the use of insecticides in an environment where chickens are present is dangerous, and new and safe measures against red mites are necessary to produce safe and secure eggs.

"WAKUMOSU" utilizes the behavioral characteristics of red mites, and can efficiently catch and control a large amount of insects in a short period of time simply by placing them.


Coffee Fertilizer >>

100% organic fertilizer


A large amount of chicken manure is discharged every day.

Although it is highly effective as a fertilizer, it is a good quality fertilizer that has been avoided due to its strong "odor". We mix coffee grounds and slowly ferment it, and use our original patented technology to greatly reduce unpleasant odors. We produced a fertilizer that is easy to use.

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Other >>

We handle various products related to livestock in general, not just poultry farming.
Of course, not only installation, but also safe maintenance after construction.
Please feel free to contact us.


799-0705 Doicho Noda 1548, Shikoku Chuo-shi, Ehime


Phone: 0896-22-3600

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