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Patent number 6366119

International patent obtained


Safe production of eggs = Safe and secure measures against chicken mites in the presence of chickens

WAKUMOSU is an insect trap. However, if you leave it in a trapping state, there is a risk that the trap will become a breeding ground for red mites, so it is necessary to set it up and remove it for an appropriate period. You can easily install it thereAn insect trap that does not limit the installation period and collection periodWakumos was developed as  

Reference) There is no limit to the installation period of WAKUMOSU. (Aim for 6 to 12 months)
*The effect of boric acid lasts semi-permanently, but 6 to 12 months is appropriate due to the nature of the body, which is biodegradable.

1.Efficiently attracts Red mites in a short period of time

The small space + temperature attracts many red mites.
After the lure effect of temperature is over, spiders that have formed a colony inside the WAKUMOSU will lure red mites that exist outside the WAKUMOSU with the aggregation pheromone that they emit.
The lured red mites will then lure other red mites, and the red mites themselves will continue to lure other red mites.

2.Exterminate red mites that have invaded WAKUMOSU

The entire surface of the Wachmos is treated with boric acid!
The boric acid concentration inside WAKUMOSU is high, and red mites that invade and form colonies inside WAKUMOSU will take boric acid into their bodies along with moisture in the air through the stomatal gate, and die.
Boric acid cannot be labeled as an insecticide because it has no antidote or immediate effect.

[Extermination effect of non-chemical substances in WAKUMOSU]

When boric acid enters the body of red mites, which does not have kidneys, through the mouth or respiratory tract, it binds to a substance (coenzyme) necessary for metabolism, causing metabolism to cease, resulting in starvation and death of the cells themselves. Therefore, unlike insecticides, the attracted red mites does not die in a short period of time. The extermination effect also extends to red mites eggs, preventing their hatching and thus preventing reoccurrence.

3.How to dispose of WAKUMOSU

WAKUMOSU is made entirely of naturally occurring, biodegradable materials!
After use, WAKUMOSU can be composted with chicken manure.
The iron compounds contained in WAKUMOSU react with ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, trimethylamine, and methyl mercaptan, which cause odors, during compost production and in the finished compost.

4.Simple installation

With the fittings, it is now possible to install WAKUMOSU in many cages!

The fixture is made of biodegradable material!

Screen Shot 2022-08-16 at 3.59_edited.jpg

WAKUMOSU mounting bracket for upright/mounting example

Screen Shot 2022-08-16 at 3.59_edited.jpg

WAKUMOSU mounting bracket for chicks/mounting example

WAKUMOSU is about 18 centimeters square and weighs 80 grams.

One for each 16 chickens as shown in the photo

It is a simple task of placing it on top of the birdcage, so even women can do it.

Wakumoth is basically installed on the ceiling of the cage. (Photo below) 

If there is space above the cage ceilingIt can be installed in any A-line, chick stage, or upright cage.

Screen Shot 2022-08-16 at 4.04_edited.jpg

5.Visualization of red mites measures

Unlike other insect traps, Wakumoth can easily separate captured red mites, so you can know the number of captured red mites!
=By using red mites, it is possible to objectively quantify the status of red mites contamination.


Caught weight 4.66g Quantity caught 84,243
In the field test, this is one of the insect trapping tests in which Wakumos was installed for a week.

The number of red mites was counted using an electron microscope (number of adults, young mites, young mites, and eggs).

6.Red mites sampling using red mites

7.Sampling results using Wakumos

8.Sustainable poultry farming and agricultural products produced by Wakmos



1 case = 100 pieces



​Please contact us for detailed explanation and usage

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